Friday, May 11, 2012

Invoking Publishers Right.

Awwright,Awwright,Awwrightttt-Listen Up invoking Publishers Right once again-
Changing name of new blog series to- TA DAAA- 'DON'T DO DAT'- Well I Like it.
So Suck-OFF! 


Oh BTW you Clowns and Clownettes Too Late-We Have A Winnaaahhhhhhhhhh in the 504 TV Big 'Mothers Day Date Contest-And Wow!!! SHE IS A STONE COLD STALLION. Later.....  

WHO Supports Gay Marriage ?

'Don't Do That' by Joe Nola 504 Series latest comment-

Tell me It Ain't So, Joe ! Oh, Yeah It's So !
OBAMA Supports WHATT??? You Tellin Me The Prez
is Down with DO DO Wap Matrimony?? Wow! The End Really Is Near.