Friday, June 22, 2012

The Times Picayune Is Dead ! Good Riddance!

FOR ALL INTENT AND PURPOSES - YES - AND GOOD RIDDANCE ALREADY! Enough Is Enough- with TP,Newhouse owners and minion Ashton Phelps,Jr (BTW who is getting out of Dodge by the hairs of his-Chinny-Chin-Chin just in time) with their 800 lb monopolistic daily and its churning of un-depth stories in under-sized,overpriced papers.  PLEASE-No more talk of the Pulitzers- If it takes the city to nearly get wipe off the map to get them an award-WHO CARES! The
stories practically wrote themselves with the bunglings of the Feds,FEMA,Bush,Brown,Blanco,Ray Ray and all the befuddled officials. Besides,NBC's Brian Williams and CNN's Anderson Cooper spent so much time in the city,really getting the in-depth news stories,many believe including myself
they establish residency to qualify for public office! But we digress- the TP has been in downsizing
metamorphis mode for years- right before our very eyes,it just didn't seem so,it being the only game in town. Newhouse Nespapers of Advance Publications had implemented this day many moons ago,
and complicit was Ashton Phelps,Jr who held all close to the vest(which is ironic given his penchant almost psychosis of wanting TP to make the news instead of reporting it) let out not a clue. Just think,all of those obits run in the paper all these years, this Big Obituary of the TP(pre-written BTW)
was strangely enough not run until after the funeral had taken place. 

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