Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't Take Joy In This !

Multi-Grammy Award winner Lauren Hill pleaded guilty to-failing to file federal tax returns for 2005,2006,2007- Not as erroneously reported by even some reputable news sites 'Income Tax Evasion' a far more serious charge (under IRS Code 7201). Nevertheless, the 37 year old mother of six  has pled guilty Friday and faces potential fines and possible jail time(which is highly unlikely since agreeing to pay tax owed) sentencing will take place in late November. Many have disparaged Hill for some of the reasons she gives for her failure to file tax returns.
No doubt as in cases for all taxpayers when tax returns are not filed and the proper established legal processes are not adhered to do so, then yes, as in Ms. Hill's case you are guilty. However, none of this takes away from the valid,honest and truth of the revelations given by her.Since the start of her public career in the early 90s in doing some television and movies and certainly a lot of music Hill has always attempted to promote the positive and the truth for her audience and fans,in particularly in her music with the start of her solo career in 1998. Ms. Hill has seen the real ugliness of the music industry from the inside and has shown great courage and strong moral constitution to self excise herself from it for family and morals. The music business is now certainly corrupt (and maybe to a degree has always been so) filled with nefarious' money is king do what you need to do no matter the human cost' power moguls with no morals or souls,drug addicts,sex addicts and any and all levels of ignominious artist that will do or say anything for the next big hit or a label deal. The industry is fraught with the ever present degradation of women, stealth racism and outright criminality.
True,Lauren Hill is guilty of not filing three years of tax returns, however in no way shape or form
does this take away from her being a strong,courageous woman, mother, role model and teller of the truth.     

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