Friday, June 29, 2012

OBAMA-Healthcare Plan-The Law Now-

The SCOTUS Ruling This Week Does Two Unique Things. (1st) It Officially Makes This Administration's Universal Healthcare Plan The Law Of The Land. Subjecting Every Strata
Of The American Population Into An Extremely Steep Learning Curb Of-The Does And Don'ts
Of A Very Complex Health Insurance/Delivery System-That Comes With Oversight By The IRS And The Possibilities Of Penalties For Non-Compliance. (2nd) It Inexorably Firmly Places The US -On That Socialistic One Lane Highway With No Shoulders,Exit Ramps,U-Turns, Guide Signs Or Speed Limits Just Stretches And Stretches Of Highway Going Deep Into The Horizon. What You Asked Is At The End Of This Highway? Well What Else Do You Think -

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