Monday, July 2, 2012


OK,OK It's been a little while since the last- ' DON'T DO DAT ' (c) post, so here's the latest.
Awwrrright, you 'Clowns And Clownettes' (c) who are soooooo guilty of texting and driving- especially the ones that get an AT-TI-TUDE when you let them know(in a very crude and ugly way)
don't holdup an entire lane of Carrollton Ave traffic when the light is green,at 5pm,-when everybody
gots to be where dey gots to be- (our vernacular,don't it sound cute?), just because you texting yo mamma you wont poke chsops tonight for dinner. Well the police in South Africa are snatching cell phones from drivers who text and drive(unless you text using hands free device) . Finally,something good out of South Africa we all can use, other than over-priced krugerrands. Now this is something we all would love to give the NOPD the juice to do (of course we want them to prioritize the real crime first) but,in between donut snatches,snatch some of 'dem cells'.  

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