Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just CAN'T Take These 'MO FOs' Seriously!

The antics,buffoonery and outright stoopidity(yea that's right using the word stupidity might just give
a slight sense of a clue) for these idiotic public and elected officials that seem to permeate every strata of municipal government in our city,is totally unacceptable. It starts with the sleaze balls
in power that steal any and everything they can get their hands on from high power city contracts to
raiding non-profit funds meant for poor kids and extends to the simply pathethic(marijuana joints
falling out of pockets in open court)  to council members speeding dangerously with police blue lights flashing,going God knows where for God knows why.
This caliber of comportment by public officials ,really makes me long for the days of cerebral heights
of laughter courtesy 'BOZO The Clown Show'. If it wasn't so Sad and Bad in our city,homelessness,
poor kids,joblessness,murders just about everyday the actions of these 'MO FOs' just might be funny but it's not. You want to know what's 'REALLY' funny these same clowns put themselves up for election year in and year out,and heaven help us, and actually get re-elected. Now whose the joke on? 

Joe Jones,
504 BLACK TV -Segment "Joe Jones Un-APOLOGETIC"

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