Thursday, November 8, 2012

The RE-ELECTION Is Done. Now What?

Congratulations are in order for President Obama and his campaign team for the historic re-election
of the first black U.S. president. Also to a certain degree,congratulations goes out to Gov. Mitt Romney(and over-achiever in every sense of the word even with a privileged background) and  his campaign team for a credible effort. Although I must admit, it has to be a challenge to take really seriously of all things, a presidential candidate whose first name rhymes with zit. Now with that out of the way the nation looks ahead to the next four years and what they will reveal. In this complex commentators' (my significant other calls me) opinion, more of the same from this administration.
In the recent  504 Black Network TV's program 'UN-APOLOGETIC' I clearly gave two grades on
Barack Obama's first four years performance in two catagories, first as just plain president a B- and second as first black president a C- (click the link- for a video of the segment). Recently I stumbled across an article (click the link- that I am not one hundred percent in agreement with,does highlight
some interesting points similar to what was in the program segment. When it all shakes out in the end, no matter what party is taking their turn in the white house,special interest powers are really the ones running the country.
                                                                                                                             Joe Jones,
                    504 BLACK NETWORK TV- 'Your TICKET BACK To The BLACK'
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