Monday, September 16, 2013

504 BLACK TV , AS ALWAYS IS FOCUSED ON IT'S MISSION Of  '3E TV' Engage,Educate And Entertain (Copyright). YET,We Know In Our Hearts There Is Something Much More Important Than That. Speaking Of Course About The Salvation Of Mankind And The Return Of The One And Only True Savior Of The World, The 'HOLY SON OF GOD THE MESSIAH'. Oh Please Believe It, All The Swag In The World Can't Change This From Happenning. There Is Not A Lie Big Enough,Strong Enough, And Loud Enough To Blot Out This TRUTH.      Satan Is Raging He Knows His Time Is Short. The 'HOLY LAMB OF GOD' Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World His Return Is At Hand,The Nations Of The World Shall Moan And Weep. GOD Bless You And Keep You Strong To The End.
Joe Jones    

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