Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just To Really Set The Record Straight.....

                                                 Just To Really Set The Record Straight.

First of all there are just to many people attempting to super impose 'Yat' as the dialect of the majority of  native New Orleanians. The reasons for this vary-some want to make a culture statement, some attempt to monetize it (author books, TV and radio advertisements) and finally some just want it to be that way with leaving out tons of what the majority of locals really speak. Now somehow it seems we almost always find ourselves breaking things down (literally) to black and white. Yes, the majority of the locals are still black folks with a healthy portion of white locals (not the recent wanna be transplants post Katrina) and a significant presence of  vietnamese and a huge number of  latinos (even more so, post Katrina).When most people hear the term 'Yat' what comes to mind is the
way the majority of  the (regular) white locals have been speaking for example ("evah sense Ah'cud rememba asa chowll") ever since I could remember as a child. I will be one of the first to admit
and agree that both sides over the many historic years of our city has influenced each other. Now with that being said, it does not take away from the clear fact that 'Black Foke Tawk' to coin a phrase has
dominated the majority of the locals in it's usage Not 'Yat' or 'White Foke Tawk' (to coin another phrase).  And just to add a little more to this 'White Foke Tawk' and Black Foke Tawk' equation in
the New Orleans area, much of the 'White Foke Tawk' has many sprinklings and some roots from
the so called 'Redneck culture' or commonly known as many years ago and even today as 'Po White
Trash'.  To some people it may not be politically correct or 'Socially Sensitive' (to coin yet another phrase) enough to outline it this way. To those people I say take a good walk in our city (not just the
French Quarter or Vieux Carre) and really open your ears, and notice what you hear.
                 [Next time much more examples of all the 'tawk' and the clear distinctions.]

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